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Front Terminal Batteries

Front Terminal Battery

Type of Front Terminal Battery

Front Terminal AGM Battery


The Front Terminal AGM Battery is specifically designed for telecommunications applications, boasting a floating charge life of up to 10 years. This battery employs a robust design featuring a thickened 3D curved plate, a specialized paste formulation, and incorporates the latest AGM baffle technology. Its stable performance and consistent reliability make it well-suited for outdoor telecommunications scenarios and other backup power applications. Here are the key features and advantages:

  1. Sealing Structure: The battery is equipped with a leakproof sealing structure, ensuring no leakage, acid fog, and eliminating the need to add acid or water during usage.

  2. Long Service Life: The battery has over 10 years of float charge design life and deep cycle capabilities, this battery ensures prolonged and reliable performance.

  3. Temperature Range: The battery operates efficiently within a temperature range of -40°C to 70°C, making it adaptable to various environmental conditions.

  4. Thickening 3D Surface Plate Design: The design incorporates high-thickness 3D surface plates, enhancing overall durability and efficiency.

  5. Special Lead Paste: The inclusion of a special lead paste improves charging receptivity, contributing to optimal battery performance.

  6. Low Self-Discharge Rate: The battery exhibits a low self-discharge rate, ensuring minimal loss of charge during periods of inactivity.

  7. Good Recovery Performance: It demonstrates excellent recovery performance after deep discharge, further solidifying its reliability in critical applications.


Front Terminal Gel Battery

The front terminal gel battery is characterized by its elongated shape and boasts a design life of 15 years. It incorporates a proprietary formula, utilizing lead-calcium high-tin alloy plates and advanced ultrafine particle composite silicon salt electrolyte technology. This combination results in a battery with a environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency. long cycle life, minimal floating charge flow, and stable high-temperature performance.

  1. Floating Charge Design Life: With a remarkable design life of 15 years under floating charge conditions, this battery ensures long-term and reliable performance.

  2. Wide Service Temperature Range: It operates effectively within a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 70°C, making it adaptable to diverse environmental conditions.

  3. Silicon compound Electrolyte: The adoption of ultrafine particle composite silicon salt electrolyte technology enhances the battery's overall performance and efficiency.

  4. Longer Cycle Life: The battery's design emphasizes a longer cycle life, enhancing its durability and suitability for various applications.

  5. Lower Heat Loss Control: Compared to AGM batteries, the front terminal colloidal battery is 30% more energy-efficient, making it particularly suitable for high-temperature floating charging applications and less prone to heat loss control issues.

  6. High Tin Alloy and Thick Plate Design: The battery incorporates high tin alloy and thick plate design, further enhancing its performance and reliability.

  7. Lower Self-Discharge: With a lower self-discharge rate, the battery can maintain service life for up to 9 months at 20°C, ensuring sustained performance during periods of inactivity.

  8. Excellent Recovery Ability: The battery exhibits outstanding recovery ability after deep discharge, showcasing its resilience and reliability in critical operational scenarios.


Application of Front Terminal Battery

A front terminal battery, commonly referred to as a "narrow" battery, is specifically designed as a 12V battery tailored to fit within a 19-inch or 23-inch cabinet. Positioned on the upper side of the short front end, the pole and front terminals align with the battery, which is nearly 19 inches or 23 inches wide in shape.


The fundamental principle and structure of the front terminal battery closely resemble that of a 2V battery. The key distinction lies in the placement of six batteries with identical capacities in the front terminal battery, with the monomers of the 2V battery series integrated within the battery shell. This configuration results in a long and narrow structure for the front terminal battery, with a cell aspect ratio of 3.4:5. The increased surface area contributes to efficient heat dissipation, significantly reducing the risk of thermal runaway. External connections are designed at the front terminals of the battery, facilitating convenient wiring at the front half of the battery connection.

The front terminal battery effectively addresses challenges related to the implementation difficulty of the series process for the long and narrow monomer structure. It enhances the welding area and quality of individual monomers, optimizing the series connection between battery tanks, battery covers, and ensuring reliability and stability through a sealed process. This approach ensures product performance and supports cleaner production practices.

Vertical installation of the front terminal battery eliminates the need for maintenance space between layers, saving both machine room area and simplifying battery installation and maintenance procedures. The front terminal battery surpasses the 2V battery in several aspects, including energy efficiency, emission reduction, manufacturing cost, product standardization, and installation control.

As a result, front-end terminal batteries find extensive application in the global communication power supply sector. Additionally, front-end terminal batteries are commonly employed in the following fields:

  1. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): Front-end terminal batteries play a crucial role in providing backup power to UPS systems, ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply during outages.

  2. Marine Equipment: The marine industry utilizes front-end terminal batteries for various applications, including powering navigation equipment and onboard systems.

  3. Telecommunications Equipment: Beyond communication power supply, front-end terminal batteries are widely used in telecommunications equipment to ensure uninterrupted operation.

  4. Engine Start: Front-end terminal batteries are employed for engine starting applications, providing the necessary power to start engines in different settings.

  5. Emergency Lighting Control Equipment: In emergency situations, front-end terminal batteries are essential for powering emergency lighting control equipment, ensuring visibility and safety.

  6. Fire and Safety Systems: Front-end terminal batteries contribute to the reliable functioning of fire and safety systems, providing power for alarms, sensors, and other critical components.

  7. Computer Power Switching Systems: Front-end terminal batteries are integrated into computer systems and power switching setups, offering backup power to safeguard against data loss during power interruptions.

  8. Microprocessor-Based Office Machines: In office environments, front-end terminal batteries support the uninterrupted operation of microprocessor-based machines, enhancing overall system reliability.

  9. Wind and Solar Power Systems: Front-end terminal batteries are utilized in renewable energy systems such as wind and solar power installations, storing energy for later use and ensuring a consistent power supply.


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12V120(Front Terminal)

12V120(Front Terminal)

The low temperature performance of the Kete battery is excellent. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to 70 degrees,and the capacity can still be kept at about 40% at low temperature -40 degrees. The performance of Kurt battery in the normal work in cold areas is not comparable to other batteries.

12V 150Ah Front Terminal Sealed Lead Acid Battery

12V 150Ah Front Terminal Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Front terminal battery Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 150Ah 1. 5-10 years Long service life. 2.High discharge & Low self-discharge rate 3. IEC, CE 4. Suitable for UPS, Solar and wind systems applications. 4. Maintenance free

KT-12-100(Front Terminal)

KT-12-100(Front Terminal)

The low temperature performance of the Kete battery is excellent. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to 70 degrees, and the capacity can still be kept at about 40% at low temperature -40 degrees. The performance of Kurt battery in the normal work in cold areas is not comparable to other batteries.

KT-12-180(Front Terminal)

12V 180Ah Front Terminal Sealed Lead Acid UPS Battery KT-12-180

Front terminal battery Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 180Ah. 1.Long service life 2.High discharge & Low self-discharge rate 3.Wide temperature range: -40 to 70 degrees.

Front Terminal Batteries




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