Features Of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries- 12V100AH Solar Deep Cycle Gel Battery 6-QMF-100

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Features Of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid batteries, commonly known as SLA batteries, are a type of rechargeable battery widely used due to their sealed construction. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, SLA batteries are maintenance-free and offer several features and advantages. In this article, we will explore the features that make SLA batteries stand out and why they are a preferred choice in many applications.



Sealed lead-acid batteries feature a valve-controlled, leak-proof structure that allows for trouble-free, safe operation in any position. Sealed Lead Acid batteries are designed to be maintenance-free. They are sealed, and the electrolyte is immobilized, eliminating the need for regular water addition or electrolyte checks.


Easy Installation:

The sealed construction and maintenance-free nature of SLA batteries make them easy to install. They can be positioned in various orientations without the risk of electrolyte leakage.



Sealed lead-acid batteries are generally more cost-effective than alternative battery technologies such as some lithium batteries, making them a popular choice for a variety of applications, especially when budget constraints are considered.


Long Service Life

The design life of a sealed lead-acid battery can range from 3 – 5 years all the way up to over 12 years, depending on the manufacturing process of the battery. There are many factors that affect battery life, including temperature, see Contact our battery technicians for more information.


Compact Design

Kete uses state-of-the-art design, premium materials and carefully controlled platemaking processes to deliver outstanding output per unit. The high energy density provides excellent power/volume ratio and power/weight ratio, with a specific energy (wh/kg) of up to 45 Wh/kg.


Deep Cycle Capability

SLA batteries are often designed with deep cycling capabilities, making them suitable for applications that require frequent discharge and recharge cycles, such as in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.


Rugged Construction

High-impact battery case made of non-conductive ABS plastic. Large-capacity batteries often come in polypropylene casings; all of these materials are highly resistant to shock, vibration, chemicals, and heat.


Low Self-Discharge Rate

Sealed Lead Acid batteries typically have a low self-discharge rate, meaning they can hold their charge for a more extended period when not in use. This is advantageous for applications where the battery may be idle for some time.


Wide Operating Temperature

The operating temperature range of Kete lead-acid batteries is -40 degrees to 70 degrees, and the capacity can still be maintained at about 40% at a low temperature of -40 degrees.


12V100AH  6-QMF-100

12V100AH Solar Deep Cycle Gel Battery 6-QMF-100

Kete 12V 100Ah GEL Battery has excellent low temperature performance. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to 70 degrees,and the capacity can still be kept at about 40% at low temperature -40 degrees. 

12V120  6-QMF-120

12V 120Ah Maintenance-Free Lead Acid Solar Battery 6-QMF-120

The 6-QMF-120 solar battery is a high quality sealed lead acid battery that is engineered to provide superior performance and long service life for your stand-alone solar system or any other battery based setup. This battery is a maintenance-free, non-spillable sealed valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) AGM battery.

12V 90AH Lead Acid Gel Battery Solar Battery

12V 90AH Lead Acid Gel Battery

KT-12-90 VRLA battery is designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology for superior performance. Valve-regulated, spill-proof construction allows safe operation in any position. KT-12-90 battery has excellent low-temperature performance and can work normally at -40°C. It has a lifespan of 5-10 years and is maintenance-free. Meet with IEC, BS, JIS and European standards. UL (MH62092).


12V 100Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Kete 12V 100Ah sealed lead-acid battery uses silica gel electrolyte. This advanced technology extends the battery life and increases the number of cycles. It is suitable for solar energy storage, UPS and other fields, with more stable performance and low maintenance costs.

Sealed lead acid battery 12v 150ah

Lead-acid Battery 12v 150ah Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Battery

Kete 12V 150Ah sealed lead-acid battery uses Silica Gel and has excellent low-temperature performance. The operating temperature range is -40 degrees to 70 degrees. The capacity can still be maintained at about 40% at a low temperature of -40 degrees. The performance of Kete batteries in working properly in cold areas is unmatched by other batteries.

12V 150Ah Front Terminal Sealed Lead Acid Battery

12V 150Ah Front Terminal Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Front terminal battery Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 150Ah 1. 5-10 years Long service life. 2.High discharge & Low self-discharge rate 3. IEC, CE 4. Suitable for UPS, Solar and wind systems applications. 4. Maintenance free

2V 100Ah Lead Acid Battery

KT-2-100 2V 100Ah Lead Acid Battery

KT-2-100 is part of our 2V series of long life & low temperature resistance sealed lead acid batteries (commonly referred to as VRLA). This 2V 100Ah battery is designed for critical applications with long life and low temperature resistance requirements. Known for reliable performance in a variety of scenarios including utility control, telecommunications and uninterruptible power supplies.

300ah deep cycle battery

2 volt lead acid battery 2V 300ah AGM battery

The 2V 300Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery is recognized for its Advanced Glass Mat (AGM) technology, ensuring superior cyclic performance and prolonged lifespan. This battery excels in renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power, as well as in marine, RV, and off-grid applications, providing sustained and reliable power over numerous discharge cycles.

Features Of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries




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