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  • 300ah deep cycle battery

  • 300ah deep cycle battery

  • 300ah agm battery

  • KT-2-300

  • KT-2-300

2 volt lead acid battery 2V 300ah AGM battery

The 2V 300Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery is recognized for its Advanced Glass Mat (AGM) technology, ensuring superior cyclic performance and prolonged lifespan. This battery excels in renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power, as well as in marine, RV, and off-grid applications, providing sustained and reliable power over numerous discharge cycles.

Product Description

Detail about 2V 300Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Name: 2V 300Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery solar battery

Model: KT-2-300

Voltage: 2V

Capacity: 300Ah


Separator: Rechargeable battery

Battery type: sealed lead acid solar battery

Dimensions: 170*150*360(±5mm)

Certification: IEC, CE

Product star: KT-2-300

OEM/ODM Service: Available

Delivery time: 30 days

Payment:100% TT

Place of origin: China

Package: CARTONS

Tel: 0086 -13724197066

Application of 2V 300Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery:

  • Solar and wind systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Power Plants
  • Military Equipment
  • Cable TV
  • Wheelchair
  • Marine Equipment
  • Golf Cart





Battery parameter comparison chart

NO Content Lead-acid Battery Gel battery Silicone Power Battery
1 Specific energy(wh/kg) 35wh/kg 37wh/kg 45wh/kg
2 Charging cycles(charging and
280 350 450
3 Degree of sealing Valve-sealed,there are holes Valve-sealed Valve-sealed
4 Electrolyte Sulfuric acid solution Colloid sulfuric acid
Silicon compound
5 Normal charging time 4-8h 4-8h 2-4h
6 Rapid charging time 2-3h 2-3h 0.5h
7 Intermal  resistance 100 mm Euro level 100 mm Euro level 1 mm Euro level
8 Self-discharge capacity Per months≤15% Per months≤12% 1 year≤10%
9 High-current discharge
3-7c 2-5c 8-15c
10 Discharging voltage limit 1.8v 1.84v 1.2-1.8v
11 Memory effect Memory effect at low
pressure area
Memory effect at low
pressure area
No memory effect
12 Power restoring capacity Poor General Exceptionally strong
13 Storage time without
3-6 months 4-6 months 12-24 months
14 Capacity at low temperature Drastically reduced under
Drastically reduced under
Function normally under
15 Maximum charging current 1.0c 1.0c 2.5c
16 Life time(year) 2 years 2-3 years 5-10 years
17 Maintenance Frequent Less frequent Maintenance-free



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