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What are the disadvantages of batteries

Sep. 12, 2023
Author: 佛山市科特电池有限公司 From: 佛山市科特电池有限公司 Modify: Oct,18,2023

There are many disadvantageous factors for batteries, which mainly occur in the charging and discharging stage.

1. The discharge stage of "two-supersonic" is mainly discharge current exceeding the allowable current value for a long time. The second problem of discharge is over-discharge, that is, discharge exceeding the allowable discharge amount of battery, called "two-supersonic", which is very harmful to battery life.

2. In the charging stage of "two passes" and "two owes", there are "two passes" and "two owes".

(1) "Two Passes": one is overcharging; the other is lead-acid batteries that are not used for too long, and do not replenish electricity regularly.

(2) "Two shortcomings": one is that lead-acid batteries are under-charged, the batteries are often not fully charged, and the plates can not be recovered in time after vulcanization, which is extremely taboo for lead-acid batteries; the other is that the unbalanced among the cells in the battery pack results in the widening gap between the discharging degree and charging degree among the cells in the battery pack, and the more undercharged and overcharged batteries are released. Affect the life of the battery pack, but also to increase their own economic expenditure.

"Two shortcomings" and "two shortcomings" are great enemies of batteries, and should not be underestimated. However, the "two shortcomings" and "two shortcomings" are caused by people themselves, and the problems are complicated. There are many reasons. They are interrelated from the selection, use and maintenance, the matching rationality of controllers and chargers, and the timely detection of the causes of battery failure.

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