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Always fill up, stop and fill up

Sep. 08, 2023
Author: 佛山市科特电池有限公司 From: 佛山市科特电池有限公司 Modify: Oct,18,2023

Filling, stopping and stopping may be the same fault as filling or not, which is due to poor line contact.

Continuous charging and non-constant voltage are the same nature and serious problems, which are much more serious than the above two problems. Without a little attention, it may charge the battery.

However, these phenomena are still very few. Most of the chargers will not or will not often have similar problems. This kind of charger is not only a few, but also more old and used for many years. The correct way to use the charger is at the later stage of charging. Although most of the charger has been charged, a small amount of sulfide on the plate has not been completely reduced. At this time, the charger should be charged for 1-2 hours to achieve the purpose of complete reduction. When the current on the dashboard's 200 mA ammeter shows only 50 mA or less and remains unchanged for a long time, the power supply can be unplugged. For those with positive pulse repair function, the connection between charger and battery can not be removed after the power supply is removed, so that the pulse continuously impacts the sulfide crystal, so that the active material of the plate can be reduced.

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